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Video Switches
Video switches (also called monitor switches) allow you to route multiple video inputs from a number of computers to multiple displays or video outputs (projectors, monitors, or other devices).


Video Matrix Switches


SmartAVI SmartNetX Video Matrix Switch

SmartAVI SmartNetX
Route up to 16 UXGA & stereo audio sources to 64 remote monitors


SmartAVI SmartNetV Video Matrix Switch

SmartAVI SmartNetV
Route up to 128 video, stereo audio & IR source to 16 remote monitors


SmartAVI AVRouter Video Matrix Switch

SmartAVI AVRouter
Route up to 16 UXGA & stereo audio to 64 remote monitors & speakers


Audio Matrix Video Switch A/V from many CPUs among multiple monitors/ speakers.


NTI Audio Video Switch - AV Switch

Switch many computers'audio/video outputs among multiple monitors/speakers



Switch many computers'outputs among multiple monitors

 Video Switches 

Gefen 4-Port DVI Video Switch

Gefen DVI Video Switch
Connect four DVI source devices and link them to one DVI display


NTI BNC Video Switch SE-5C-2-TTL & SE-3C-2

NTI BNC Video Switch
Share one monitor among multiple workstations


Raritan PC Share

Raritan PC-Share
Operate your PC from 2, 3, 4, or 5 user stations


NTI SE-13W3 Sun Switch
Share one monitor among multiple Sun computers


NTI VGA Video Switch

NTI VGA Video Switch
Share one monitor among multiple PCs


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