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Wireless KVM Switches

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Wireless KVM Switches let you securely extend your Computers
 without the need to run cabling.


What is a Wireless KVM Switch?

A new and innovative KVM Switch design released to consumers features wireless technology integrated with KVM Switches. Wireless KVM technology essentially removes the considerable amounts of cables necessary for KVM deployments.

Non-wireless KVM solutions normally involve 2 separate cable feeds: cables from the KVM switch to the host computers and cables connecting the user console to the KVM switch. Wireless applications will eliminate the need for bulky cables between the user console and host computers entirely.  With their potential for reducing massive amounts of cabling, the need for Wireless KVM is apparent.

Wireless KVM switches operate by placing a transmitter at the target computer along with locating a receiver next to a user console workstation.

Wireless KVM Switch Configuration

Wireless KVM Configuration Example
One Receiver accessing multiple Transmitters

Another application for Wireless KVM Switches is for Digital Signage applications or for broadcasting video from one source to multiple screens.

broadcasting using wireless kvm switches

Wireless KVM Configuration Example
One Transmitter broadcasting to multiple Receivers


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Wireless KVM
Wireless KVM

Wireless KVM Features May Include:

  • Wireless remote access
  • Advanced security features
  • High video resolution
  • Windows GUI and Java based Client software
  • Firmware upgradeable via WLAN Ethernet connection
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Plug-and-Play installation


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