Minicom by Tripplite
Two-User CAT5 KVM

High-performance KVM switches enabling dual-users simultaneous access, control and management of up to 32 mixed-platform (PS/2 & USB) servers.

Minicom by Tripplite Smart 216 / 232 CAT5 KVM


Smart 216/232 Features Snapshot:

  • Two simultaneous KVM users
  • BIOS level access and control of up to 16/32 servers/computers
  • Multi-platform support (PS/2 & USB)
  • Innovative Minicom KVM over CAT5 technology
  • Extends distance between servers and switch up to 30m/100ft
  • Space saving, sleek, 1U rack mountable design
  • Seamless power control
  • 3 year warranty

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The Smart 216/232 CAT5 KVMs are high-performance KVM switches enabling multi-user access, control and management of multiple servers. they allow two users to control up to 32 mixed-platform (PS/2 & USB) servers and also provides seamless power control via RPS.

Physically the Smart 216 and Smart 232 are thin 1U sized, rack-mountable devices that save critical space in crowded server room environments. They feature Minicom KVM over CAT5 technology that directly connects the switch to each computer in the server room via a Ricc/Roc, eliminating cable clutter and extending the distance between server and switch up to 30m/100ft.

Thanks to their advanced functionality the Smart 216 and Smart 232 overcome many of the challenges facing today’s crowded server rooms and data centers. They are the ideal solution for corporate server rooms requiring both a powerful and versatile KVM solution.

Minicom Smart 216 CAT5 KVM Application Diagram

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful - Two users can access and control up to 16/32 servers via a single switch
  • Serial Control - Access PDUs
  • Scalability - Invest in new equipment at the rate your system grows. Add one ROC per new server
  • Clean Cable Management - Use low density standard CAT5 cable to eliminate cable clutter
  • Highest Security Standard - Efficiently prevents unauthorized access and security breaches
  • Rack Mountable - Rack mounting brackets come included in the package
  • Extended Distance - Direct connection between computers and switch from up to 30m/100ft
  • Out-of-Band - BIOS level access, OS independent
  • Plug and Play - Installation requires no extra software or changes to the infrastructure
  • Easy Configuration - Browser-based remote configuration. All you need is a web browser. No license needed and no software installed at remote user location
  • Multi-platform - Supports PS/2 and USB configured servers and computers
  • Flash Upgradable - Field firmware upgrade for Switches and ROC’s
  • Power Control - Enables seamless power control

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