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Great Lakes Server Racks - Great Lakes Server Rack Enclosures

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Server Rack Accessories

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Great Lakes ES Series Server Rack

Great Lakes E Series Server Rack

ES Series Enclosures
  • Designed to accommodate servers and conditions associated with them: high density cable management, power options, and cooling capabilities
  • Sizes ranging from 48"Hx 24"W x 42"D (24 RMU) to 84"H x 30"W x 48"D (44 RMU)


  • 14 gauge frame, formed 5 times for strength
  • Door has 3 hinges, allows for 180 degree swing ratio
  • 44 RMU, heavy duty 12 gauge mounting rails, all RMUs are usable
  • Increased rear vertical capacity (over 9")
  • 3"W x 3"D vertical cable troughs (optional)
  • Zero RMU 19"EIA mounting for any 1 RMU equipment
  • Up to 2 vertical troughs & 1 PDU or 1 vertical trough & 2 PDUs per rear corner
  • Contour Mesh Doors- Standard front & rear
  • Increased area of mesh & total airflow
  • Mount LE fans to eliminate hot spots & aid in horizontal ventilation
  • Standard Easy Latching Handle


E Series Enclosures
  • Designed to handle telecommunications equipment, computer hardware, and other 19” EIA rack mount equipment
  • Sizes ranging from 30"H x 24"W x 32"D (13 RMU) to 84"H x 29"W x 36"D (44 RMU)


  • Design that yields weight capacities from 300 - 1500 lbs. (depending on enclosure size)
  • Interior designed for easy 19" EIA rail installation and infinite adjustment.
  • 12 gauge, powder coated “Universal Cage Nut Rail” standard. Cage nut options are M6 or #10-32. If you require tapped #10-32 rails, these will still be available. - Please specify with our Sales Team.
  • Rails double as cable management with round
    cable pass through holes and vertical and horizontal tie down slots.
  • Rails have RMU markings and standard universal
    rail is multi-vendor server compliant.
  • TRC (True Rail Count) rails - This certifies that the
    number of RMU are true and all accessible within the door opening.
  • Vertical & horizontal cable management lacing bars move independently from the mounting rails.  This improved design removes any size restrictions caused by cable trays.
  • Redesigned bottom that allows for Anti-tip leg option and rear cable entry.
  • Networking/ganging of enclosures through the corner post, no tools required. This allows you to keep side panels installed when required.

Great Lakes Lake Effect Server Rack

Great Lakes Co-Lo Server Rack

Lake Effect Enclosure
  • Provides a cooling solution for your data center that does not require water, refrigerants, piping or floor modifications
  • 84"H x 30"W x 48"D (44 RMU)

Great Lakes Lake Effect (LE) Enclosure provides an even
flow of low temperature air to the front intake face of
the servers and electrical equipment mounted inside the
cabinet. The intake fans accelerate the air at its lowest (and traditionally its coldest) point in the data center and direct it within a pressurized plenum chamber to the equipment and their internal fans in order to more efficiently cool the equipment.


  • Lake Effect base unit with two pairs of powder
    coated 19" universal M6 rails and M6 hardware
    shipping pallet, and two sets of power strip brackets
  • Plexi contour door with lower bottom mesh & locking easy latch handle (front)
  • Mesh contour door with locking easy latch handle (rear)
  • Pair of solid lift-off side panels
  • Solid top panel
  • Vertical cable management tray (2)
  • Lake Effect fan box kit
  • Plenum kit
Co-Lo Enclosure
  • Each compartment features its own cable runs, cooling options, and keyed access
  • 84"H x 28"W x 36"D, Co-Lo Enclosures range from 2 compartments (21 RMU per compartment) to 3 compartments (14 RMU per compartment)


  • Pre-assembled to your equipment configuration
  • Flexible modular concept
  • Cable access provisions located on top and bottom
  • Grounding studs on doors, side panels, and base unit
  • Rack Mount power strips are available (sold separately)
  • UL60950-1 Standard for IT & Communications Equipment, Cabinet Enclosures and Rack Systems

Is the Great Lakes Server Rack the best server rack for your data center needs?
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Great Lakes Server Racks
Great Lakes Server Racks
Server Rack Enclosures


Great Lakes also offers a complete line of server rack accessories:

  • Server Rack Frames
  • Bottom Panels
  • Cabinet Extensions
  • Cable Management
  • Casters and Levelers
  • Cooling Solutions
  • Doors
  • Door Handles
  • Filler Panels
  • Grounding Kit & Copper Bus Bars
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Mounting Rails
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Server Rack Shelves
  • Side Panels
  • Top Panels
  • Floor Mount Support Brackets
  • Network/Ganging Kit
  • Server Rack Lights
  • RMU Labels

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Great Lakes Server Racks - Great Lakes Server Rack Enclosures