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Rose Electronics UltraLink Lite

Rose Electronics UltraLink Lite
Rose Electronics UltraLink Lite

Rose UltraLink Lite Features and Benefits:

  • Local KVM port for configuring the Rose UltraLink Lite and direct local access to the computer or KVM switch
  • Connect to a remote computer, server, or KVM switch directly or over a network
  • Resolution up to 1280 x 1024 @ 75hz
  • Solid-state embedded unit for maximum reliability
  • Compatible with all Rose Electronics KVM products and most other KVM Switch devices
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Scaling of computer images reduces the amount of data sent and permits fast screen updates over slow links (Modes: scaled, scrolled, or full-screen)
  • Quad screen mode allows you to view four servers from one screen when connected to a KVM switch
  • Password security prevents unauthorized configuration and access
  • User ID and password required for remote access
  • Remote client application is simple to install, use, and requires no licensing
  • Front panel shows power and current connected input port (Network, serial, or local KVM)
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades provide new features and support of new technology and devices available
  • Flash memory technology
  • Made in USA
  • Rose UltraLink Lite Advantages:

    Rose UltraLink Lite sets a new standard for an economical way to remotely manage server room environments. It allows you to access your computers and servers locally or across your network. Connect the unit to a Rose Electronics KVM switch and you now have access to as many as 1,000 computers or servers.

    The Rose UltraLink Lite is easy to install and configure. Connect the unit, assign an IP address, install the remote viewer software, and it's ready to use. The sophisticated scaling feature allows you to position any size image of your server's video anywhere on your screen. With this feature, you can monitor servers while working on other tasks in another window. Network workstations can connect to multiple Rose UltraLink Lites and display each connection in separate viewer windows.

    The remote client viewer program is designed to simplify accessing the remote computers. Click on the connect icon, login, and you will see a crisp, clear high quality image of the remote computer.

    Rose UltraLink Lite Typical Application

    Rose UltraLink Lite Diagram

    Rose UltraLite Link Diagram

    The Rose UltraLink Lite is a versatile and powerful product that extends the range of access to your computers and servers to anywhere in the world. Its advanced design makes it compatible with most KVM switches and computers.

    The Rose UltraLink Lite is very easy to install and configure. Just connect the unit to your network, a local KVM station, and a computer or KVM switch. Next, assign an IP address to the unit and you're done. Next, run the remote client viewer program on a network workstation. Enter the assigned IP address and other configuration parameters, save it, and the workstation is ready to access the UltraLink Lite.

    All access to the Rose UltraLink Lite is through the remote client viewer. Drop-down menus provide a selection list of multiple Rose UltraLink locations that can be connected to. Once connected, you will see the computer's video and have complete control over that computer.

    Viewer Windowing
    The remote client viewer can be adjusted to any size. This feature allows you to place a scaled viewer's image in the corner of your screen and monitor a server while working on other tasks in another window or multiple viewer windows to monitor multiple remote locations.

    The Rose UltraLink Lite is designed with the highest regard for security. Remote access requires a user ID and password. All transmissions to and from the viewer and Rose UltraLink Lite are encrypted with the latest SSL technology. Login, time-out, and lock out for repeated attempts to enter the password, add to the security of the system.

    Quad Screen Mode
    With the Rose UltraLink Lite connected to a KVM switch, you can view four servers at one time. The four connected servers are viewed in real time and are automatically scaled to fit their assigned quadrant in the viewer screen.

    Color Modes and Resolution
    Full 16-bit color video is supported. You can view the video in black and white, gray scale, color, or use progressive color rendering.

    Mouse Cursor
    The Rose UltraLink Lite uses a one-mouse cursor system in a very intuitive style to access the remote connection or an application on your desktop.

    Video Resolution
    Unlike other products, the Rose UltraLink Lite automatically adjusts to the connected computers video. It supports a video resolution up to 1280 x 1024 which allows you to access the standard Sun computers resolutions.

    Flash Memory
    To support the latest devices and provide continuing features and support, UltraLink Lite contains flash memory.

    Rose UltraLink Lite

    Product Part Number


     UL-LV3 Low-cost Single access unit
     Rack mount kit for UL-LV3
     (nn = 19", 23", or 24")

    Cable Part Number


     CAB-CXVSMM005 5'UltraLink Lite to KVM switch cable (provided)
     CAB-CX0606C005 5'UltraLink Lite to CPU cable (provided)
    Rose UltraLink Lite Specifications
     Dimensions Model Width Depth Height Weight
      UL-LV3 8.90 in 8.40 in 1.75 in 4.10 lb
       22.6 cm 21.3 cm 4.40 cm 1.86 kg
     Power Auto Switching 90 - 240 VAC, 130 watts
     Connectors Power: IEC 320 standard receptacle
      Local KVM: Video - HD15F
                     Keyboard - MD6F
                     Mouse - MD6F
     Switch or computer : DB25F
     Ethernet port: RJ45
     Serial port: DB9M
     Video bandwidth 150Mhz
     Chassis Electro galvanized steel, black powder coated
    (top cover)
     Controls Power On / Off Switch
     Indicators LEDs: Power, Net, Serial, Local, Ethernet link,
     10/100MB Ethernet speed
     Environmental 0- 45C / 32- 113F,
     5 - 80% non-condensing RH
     Approvals FCC, UL, cUL, TUV, CE, VCCI
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