Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway

Secure, simplified access / control of multiple technology platforms down to the BIOS level.

Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway

Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway

CC-SG Features Snapshot:

  • Access to In-Band Application and Embedded Service Processors
  • Neighborhood Configuration with Robust Security
  • Intuitive menus and easy reporting
  • Integrated virtualization support
  • High availability and redundancy
  • Ease of management for IT administrators & Users
  • Seamless Backup Configuration
  • Web Browser Access to CC-SG
  • Remote Monitoring and Capacity Planning Tools
  • GUI and User Experience Improvements
  • Streamlined Raritan Device Firmware Upgrade Process
  • Personal View Customization Using Node Groups
  • Virtual Media
  • Synchronize Data with Power IQ
  • Data Import/Export
  • Control Power for Servers Connected to any PDU Supported by Power IQ
  • Virtual CC-SG: Evaluation Version
  • Support for Windows 7, DRAC 6, .NET Client, HP iLO2, WS-API

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Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) provides IT organizations with integrated, secure and simplified access and control of all technology platforms at the application, operating system and BIOS level. CC-SG helps you save significant time and money by allowing you to manage all of your servers, PDUs, routers and other devices throughout your centralized or distributed data servers from a single IP access point.  Plus, it lets you monitor, diagnose and resolve infrastructure problems quickly and easily.  From small and medium server rooms to large enterprises with multiple data centers around the globe, CC-SG is relied upon worldwide for secure management of resources in a variety of settings. Its key features are designed to meet the needs of today's IT administrators:

  • Secure, single sign on to a single IP address for managing all of Raritan's Dominion® series KVM and intelligent PDU solutions
  • Single point of access to physical servers (including blade systems and servers), virtual machines and VMware® infrastructure such as the ESX™ server and vCenter™ environments
  • Centralized, role-based, user access policy management
  • HTML Access Client interface, which allows the user to easily locate managed equipment in customizable views, including favorites and recently accessed nodes
  • Supports remote access and power control through service processors and IP tools - including HP iLO2, Dell® DRAC, IBM® RSA II and IMM, IMPI, RDP, VNC, SSH and Telnet, as well as Web browser applications
  • Virtual media support
  • Consolidated audit trail, including detailed activity reports

Both CC-SG configurations integrate with Raritan's Power IQ® to control the power of devices managed by Power IQ. And easy CC-SG/Power IQ synchronization significantly reduces data administration.

Raritan CommandCenter Secure Gateway Diagram

When you're responsible for Enterprise operations with multiple data centers, managing local and remote access to servers and other IT devices through KVM switches and serial console control, you need a centralized way to manage it all. Raritan's CommandCenter provides IT professionals with a complete, hardware-based, centralized access, control and management solution, easily accessible from anywhere via a simple but secure unified browser interface.

Raritan CommandCenter delivers maximum access and control performance, providing users with a streamlined, unified interface that fronts up to 1,000 managed console ports and up to 10,000 keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) ports. Serial access is provided by deploying Raritan's line of Dominion serial console management appliances. KVM access is offered through Raritan's IP-enabled family of Paragon KVM switches. Raritan CommandCenter is the ideal solution for corporate IT departments or service providers that have a large number of heterogeneous IT devices in their data center(s).

CC-SG Features and Benefits:

Intuitive menus and easy reporting:

  • The simple and intuitive “node view” allows users to easily identify and access any target system or device through a variety of interfaces, including in-band tools and out-of-band KVM switches
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities - everything from usage and auditing to assets and nodes

Robust security:

  • Low security profile, Linux®-based appliance architecture
  • A powerful policy management tool allows access and control based on a broad range of user customizable criteria, including time of day, physical location, application, operating system, department and function
  • Available 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption for end-to-end node access activity through AES-enabled Dominion devices
  • Support for a broad range of authentication protocols, including LDAP, Active Directory®, RADIUS and TACACS+ in addition to local authentication and authorization capabilities
  • Ability to import user groups from Active Directory servers for user authentication
  • Support for second factor authentication with SecurID® on RADIUS servers
  • IP-based access control lists (ACL), which grant or restrict user access by IP address
  • Proxy mode for secure access to devices through firewalls/VPNs
  • Strong user password authentication, SAS 70 compliance for configurable amount of failed login attempts and user ID lockout parameters

Integrated virtualization support:

  • Consolidated access to physical and virtual servers, including centralized audit and reporting
  • Intuitive virtualization discovery function allowing import and configuration of a virtual environment with a few simple steps, including configurable RDP, VNC or SSH application selection with single sign on capabilities
  • Simple virtual machine, virtual host server and vCenter information layout with relevant data and hyperlinks allowing easy navigating in the virtualization topology
  • Easy setup of KVM access or remote power control to virtual host servers and vCenter using Raritan Dominion switches and “smart” power distribution units

High availability and redundancy:

  • Appliance redundancy through primary and secondary CommandCenter Secure Gateway deployment on different subnets and/or geographical locations
  • CC-SG “Neighborhood” configuration allows for a collection of up to 10 CC-SG units, deployed and working together to serve the access and control needs of the enterprise. Improves performance by distributing device and node access across multiple CC-SG “members” within a data center, across regions or organizationally.  Combines with a primary/backup implementation for further redundancy
  • Hot-swappable RAID memory setup, dual hard drives and dual power supplies

Ease of management for IT administrators:

  • Easy import/export feature enables convenient entry of system profile data, such as categories and elements, nodes and interfaces and user/user groups
  • Guided setup of user group and security policies
  • Back up, copy and restore Raritan device configurations
  • Syslog integration
  • SNMP TRAPs/event support
  • Raritan KVM, serial and power device discovery with device availability status, health updates and alarms for Dominion series, Paragon® and IP-Reach®
  • Easily configure individual user access policies to Universal Virtual Media™ on supported devices
  • Central storage of firmware for Raritan KVM and serial switches for upgrading devices through the centralized and automated upgrade manager function
  • Task manager and notification manager to schedule tasks and review status and results

Ease of management for users:

  • Intuitive and simplified view allowing for both node access and power control from one screen
  • Highly customizable views
  • Secure chat feature allows users to troubleshoot problems collaboratively
  • Intuitive, feature-rich HTML client
  • Security hardened

For enterprises that deploy multiple Raritan KVM switches and serial console appliances connected to hundreds or thousands of servers and other IT devices, Raritan's CommandCenter provides an intelligent, centralized solution to manage all target servers from anywhere via a simple but secure browser interface.

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