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Eaton Powerware 9390 UPS
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Powerware 9390 UPS
Powerware 9390 UPS series

The Powerware 9390 UPS power solution provides the best combination of power performance, battery management, scalable architecture, flexibility, power density, and warranty and service.

The Powerware 9390 UPS power system is designed to meet the current and future power protection requirements of data centers, manufacturing operations, medical facilities and other large-system applications.

Powerware 9390 UPS Features and Benefits:

  • Unmatched Power Performance:

    • High efficiency of 94 percent reduces total cost of ownership by reducing cost of power to support protected loads

    • Low total input harmonic current distortion (THD) of less than 4.5 percent enhances compatibility with upstream power systems, especially generators

    • Input power factor of 0.99 minimizes auxiliary generator sizing requirements and provides more power to unity power factor servers

    • Output power rated at 0.9 power factor accommodates high power factor load requirements

    • Double-conversion design offers the highest protection possible

  • Enhanced Scalability:

    • Utilizes Powerware Hot Sync technology to parallel for capacity and redundancy

    • Up to four (4) UPS modules can be paralleled with a tie cabinet, while a total of eight (8) modules can be paralleled (providing a total capacity of 1280 kVA) at a maximum

  • Best Total Battery Management:

    • Extends battery life and optimizes battery recharge time via patented ABM technology

    • Integrated battery management system tests and monitors battery health

    • Optional temperature-compensated charging monitors battery temperature and extends battery life

    • Variable battery buss matches battery capacity to exact customer runtime

    • Enables remote monitoring of the UPS and battery system

  • Flexible Installation and Serviceability:

    • Reduces installation time and costs with small footprint and flexibility to install against walls, using top- or bottom-entry cabling

    • Front-panel access for all services and operation increases serviceability and reduces repair time

  • Superior Warranty and Service:

    • Features a one-year limited factory warranty (parts and labor)

    • Service protection package includes Start-Up service, a UPS Performance Check, one year of battery replacement labor coverage*, and one year of web remote monitoring of both the UPS and batteries

Powerware 9390 UPS Technical Specifications:


UPS Rating (0.9 power factor)
General Characteristics
Parallel Capability4x modules w/o tie cabinet;
8x with tie cabinet
Audible Noise<65dBA @ 1 meter
Altitude (max)2000m at 40 C
Input Characteristics
Voltage208, 480, 600
Voltage Range+10% / -15%
Rated Frequency45-65 Hz
Power Factor0.99 (min)
Input Current Distortion <4.5% (no input filter required)
Inrush 6 times rated input current
Soft Start Capability Yes
Internal Backfeed Protection Yes
Output Characteristics 
Voltage208 , 480 , 600
Regulation+ / -1%
InverterPWM with IGBT Switching
Voltage THD< 1.5% (100% linear load);
< 5% (non-linear load)
Load Power Factor Range0.9 lagging to 0.9 leading
Battery typesVRLA, AGM, Gel, Wet
Battery voltage384 - 480, variable
Temperature CompensationYes
Charging methodABM technology
Size (w x d x h)
40-80 kVA Modules
18.9" x 31.6" x 73.7"
Weight (lbs)
40-80 kVA Modules
Size (w x d x h)
120-160 kVA Modules
35.6" x 31.6" x 73.7"
Weight (lbs)
120-160 kVA Modules
User Benefits 
Control Panel (LCD)8 lines x 40 characters
Battery Start-upStandard
Frequency ConversionStandard
Remote Display PanelOptional
Building Alarm Inputs2 (galvanic isolated)
Internal Input BreakerStandard
Back/Side Against Wall InstallationStandard
System Parallel CabinetOptional
External Maintenance
Integrated Distribution CabinetOptional
Isolation TransformerOptional
SafetyUL1778, CUL
SurgeANSI C62, 41 Cat. A&B
Remote Monitoring 
Monthly report via RJ45 LAN/Ethernet connectionStandard
Software CompatibilityPowerVision, LanSafe, FORESEER
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Powerware 9390 UPS / Powerware 9390 UPS Power Solutions