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Powerware 9170+RM
Eaton Powerware 9170+ RM UPS

Eaton Powerware 9170+RM UPS
Uninterruptable Power Supply Systems

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Powerware 9170+RM Product Snapshot
Power Rating:3-18 kVA
Input Voltage:200-240 V
Output Voltage:120, 208 and 230 Vac
Frequency:50/60 Hz auto sensing
Configuration:rackmount or tower

Powerware 9170+ Rack Mount UPS series

Eaton Powerware 9170+RM Rackmount UPS
With a scaleable, modular and redundant design, the Powerware 9170+ Rackmount UPS provides advanced backup power and power quality management and offers the highest level of power protection and power quality of any Rackmount UPS power supply in the 3-18 kVA range.

Available in three-, six-, nine-, and twelve-slot configurations, the Powerware 9170+ Rackmount UPS delivers ideal power management for server farms, networks, telecommunications, Internet service providers and other mission-critical applications for the best UPS power protection against all nine common power quality problems.

Eaton Powerware 9170+RM Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates single point-of-failure with N+X power and logic redundancy
  • Grows with changing IT environments by incorporating scalable design of 3 kVA power modules and batteries
  • Isolates connected equipment from all incoming power problems to provide the highest degree of protection with online, double-conversion technology
  • Doubles battery service life and gives you advanced warning of the end of useful battery life with ABM technology
  • Conditions incoming power without depleting the battery to preserve battery power for complete power outages
  • Eases setup and service with hot-swappable, lightweight power and battery modules
  • Powers more of today's modern power supplies with high wattage output
  • Integrates connectivity products such as the ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP/xHub card easily with an option slot
  • Easily incorporates connectivity products with an option slot to integrate into various environments and applications
  • Quickly collects information on critical parameters with an intuitive LCD screen
  • Ensures data integrity with free Software Suite bundle including LanSafe software, PowerVision software, and NetWatch
  • Guarantees performance with the Triple Power Warranty
  • Enhanced warranty coverage with optional Gold Plan Plus, which includes on-site startup and corrective maintenance
  • Select models available in black

Eaton Powerware 9170+RM Warranty

  • 2-year pro-rated warranty
  • $25,000 UPS load protection guarantee (with return of Warranty Card receive 10-year pro-rated warranty)
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Powerware 9170+RM / Eaton Powerware 9170 UPS Power Solutions