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Eaton Powerware 9125 UPS
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Powerware 9125 UPS
Powerware 9125 UPS series

The Powerware 9125 Tower UPS combines superior backup power and power quality management with innovative features that deliver the ultimate in power protection. This compact tower UPS protects critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption, and process interruption by providing continuous, conditioned power to all connected equipment.

The Powerware 9125 Tower UPS delivers power quality protection against the full range of power anomalies - making power-related downtime a thing of the past. A double-conversion online system, the Powerware 9125 is constantly conditioning AC output, and in the event of an outage, it transfers to backup power with zero delay. A "load segments" feature enables orderly shutdown of non-critical systems to extend battery backup power time available for critical systems.

Powerware 9125 Tower UPS Features and Benefits:

  • Double-conversion online design constantly conditions and controls AC output to assure a zero delay transferring to backup power in the event of an utility power failure

  • Maximizes battery backup time for critical systems with the ability to independently control Load Segments, enabling you to manage scheduled shutdowns and sequential startups of protected loads

  • Enables users to remotely reboot locked-up network equipment

  • Accepts up to four "hot-swappable" Extended Battery Modules to provide additional battery backup capacity as necessary, without interrupting UPS operation and load protection

  • Provides up to 3000 VA of UPS power in only two units (2U) of rack space; up to 6000 VA in 5U, to conserve valuable rack space, with tower pedestal kits, optional rack kits, and seismic kits available

  • Ensures data and system integrity with LanSafe power management software that uses an intuitive, graphical interface and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to provide control and visibility over multiple UPS products

  • Offers a standard RS-232 serial communications port and connectivity options available to suit any communication requirement for remote monitoring

  • Offers optional PowerPass power distribution modules that include a maintenance bypass switch to upgrade or replace the UPS without interrupting power

  • Ensures data integrity with free Software Suite bundle including LanSafe software, PowerVision software, and NetWatch

Powerware 9125 UPS Technical Specifications:

700 - 3000 VA5000/6000 VA
Electrical InputNominal Voltage120 Vac, 208 - 240 Vac208 - 240 Vac
Voltage Range120 V: 80-144 V (without using batteries)
208/230 V: 160 - 288 V (without using batteries)
123-208 V (without using batteries)
Input Power Factor>.95, typical>.96 in any mode
Frequency50/60 Hz, Auto-sensing
Frequency Range45 - 65 Hz50 Hz: 47-53 Hz
60 Hz: 57-63 Hz
Electrical OutputOn Utility Voltage
+/-3% of nominal
On Battery Voltage
+/-3% of nominal
Efficiency89 - 92%, depending on load>85% Online Mode; >90% High-efficiency Mode
Frequency Regulation3 Hz online; 1 Hz on battery3 Hz online; 1 Hz on battery;
3 Hz High-Efficiency Mode
Load Crest Factor

3 to 1 ratio

BatteryInternal Battery type 9 Ah, Sealed, lead-acid; maintenance free7 Ah, Sealed, lead-acid; maintenance free
 EBM Battery Type 9 Ah, Sealed, lead-acid; maintenance free9 Ah, Sealed, lead-acid; maintenance free
 Battery Replacement Hot-swappable internal and external batteries
 Recharge Time <2 hrs. From complete discharge to 100% capacity at nominal line conditions
 Start-On-Battery Allows start of UPS without utility input
CommunicationsSerial Port RS-232 communications port standard;
optional X-slot modules available
RS-232 and USB communications port standard;
optional X-slot modules available
 Communications cable 6-foot communications cable included
GeneralTopology True online, double-conversion
 Diagnostics Full system self-test on power up
 UPS Bypass Automatic on Overload or UPS failure
Environmental and SafetySafety Markings 120 V: UL, CSA and NOM
230 V: UL, CSA, VDE, CE, S, D, N, FI, B, NOM, R
208 V: UL, CSA
 EMC Markings FCC Class B and VCCI Class II, 3000 FCC Class AFCC-A, VCCI-A, BSMI-A, C-Tick, CE Compliance
 Surge Suppression IEEE/ANSI C62.41 Category B (formerly 587)ANSI C62.41 Category B3, and EN61000-4-5 Level 3 Criteria B
 Audible Noise 

<45 dBA (on utility); <50 dBA (on battery)

 Ambient operating 

0 to 40C (32 to 104F); 0 to 25C (32 to 77F)

 Heat Dissipation 

2066 BTU/hr. Max

 Leakage Current 

< .6mA Typical

 Relative Humidity 0 to 90%, non-condensing5 to 90%, non-condensing
 REPO Port 

NEC Code 645-11 intent and UL requirements

 Network Transient Protector In and out jack for models only or 10Base-T network cable; protection. UL497A testedN/A

Powerware 9125 UPS Models

ModelPart NumberInput ConnectionInput/Output VoltagesPower RatingPrice
PW9125 70005146012-6501(1) NEMA 5-15P120VAC/120VAC700$900
PW9125 100005146002-6501(1) NEMA 5-15P120VAC/120VAC1000$1,050
PW9125 125005146008-6501(1) NEMA 5-15P120VAC/120VAC1250$1,160
PW9125 200005146001-6501(1) NEMA 5-20P120VAC/120VAC2000$1,880
PW9125 2500U103002716-6591L5-30P120VAC/120VAC2500$2,580
PW9125 3000U 103002717-6591L5-30P120VAC/120VAC3000$3,020
PW9125 1000i05146011-6591IEC 320-C14230VAC/230VAC1000$1,380
PW9125 1500i 05146006-6591IEC 320-C14230VAC/230VAC


PW9125 2500EUH103002724-5501Hardwired230VAC/230VAC2500Call
PW9125 3000EUH103002725-5501Hardwired230VAC/230VAC3000Call
PW9125 5000g HW103003623-6591Hardwired230VAC/230VAC5000$4,450
PW9125 5000g103003633-6591L6-30P230VAC/230VAC5000$4,490
PW9125 6000g HW103003625-6591Hardwired230VAC/230VAC6000$5,220
PW9125 6000g HW FC103003626-6591Hardwired230VAC/230VAC6000Call
PW9125 6000g103003635-6591L6-30P230VAC/230VAC


PW9125 6000g FC103003636-6501L6-30P230VAC/230VAC



Optional Powerware 9125 UPS Power Distribution Modules and Extended Battery Modules

Click here to download the Powerware 9125 UPS User Guide

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