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BayTech MRP - Control and Circuit Metering Rack PDU


BayTech's MRP Modular Rack Power system provides reliable power distribution with maximum flexibility for receptacle selection and power input.  BayTech offers two classes of the MRP system. Switched and monitored and simply monitored.  User friendly interface for controlling power to receptacles, monitoring Current, Voltage, Watts, Temperature, Humidity, and KW Hour Meter.

All Circuit Breakers Monitored

Most metered power solutions only monitor input power. BayTech monitors all circuit breakers and reports via SNMP when thresholds met.

BayTech - All Circuit Breakers Monitored
Locking C13 Receptacle Optional

Reliable integrated locking clips assure power cord retention. Unique to the industry and does away with nuisance wire clips.

   BayTech - Locking C13 Receptacle Optional
Reliable PCB Power Distribution

ISD's (Insulation Displacement) connectors are faulty and un-reliable! All BayTech power solutions use reliable PCB power distribution.

BayTech - Reliable PCB Power Distribution
Integrated Sensor Inputs

Eliminate the need for extra environmental monitoring devices. All BayTech power solutions offer two ports for external temperature and humidity probes.

BayTech - Integrated Sensor Inputs


Is the BayTech MRP the best Rack PDU for your power needs?
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Our engineers can help you select the best Rack PDU solution for your power needs.
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BayTech MRP Rack PDU
BayTech MRP Rack PDU
Control and Circuit Metering PDU

The BayTech MRP offers many benefits:

Standard Features:
  • High and Low Density Models
  • 120/208/AC Single Phase
  • 208/400VAC Three Phase
  • 20,30,50,60 Amp Support
  • On/Off Reboot Control
  • HTTPS,SSH,SSL Access
  • Radius, TACACS Authentication
  • Tool less Mounting

Unique Features:

  • Modular Design
  • All Circuit Breakers Monitored
  • KW Hour Meter
  • Current, Voltage and Watt Meters
  • Integrated Locking C13 Receptacle (Optional)
  • Reliable PCB Power Distribution
  • Fail Functional Design

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