Basic Rack PDU
Basic Rack Power Distribution



Low Cost Power Distribution for Server Racks, Server Rooms & Data Centers

A rack PDU is a power distribution unit designed to fit into a server rack in either a vertical (0U) or horizontal (1U or more) position. You can basically think of them as industrial-grade power strips that have the potential to power multiple servers. Basic rack PDUs provide power to the IT equipment without any advanced features such as metering, monitoring, or remote access functionality.

Rack mount PDUs are offered in many sizes and configurations depending on voltage, current, number and type of connections, as well as remote access and monitoring functionality.

Basic PDUs offer:

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Throughout our 20 year history, 42U has made computer environments more productive and efficient through the integration of remote management solutions. Highly customizable rack PDUs can be configured to meet nearly any situation. For expert, unbiased advice in configuring a custom rack PDU solution please call us at 1-800-638-2638.

Additional rack PDU types include:

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