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Minicom DX Matrix
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Minicom DX Matrix KVM Switch
Minicom DX 432 Matrix KVM Switch

The Minicom DX matrix system is more than just another KVM matrix switch. The DX system gives you a highly secure, integrated, flexible and supremely scalable solution for 24x7 BIOS-level control and management of high-density mission critical server environments.

Flexible local or remote access - you decide the right IP mix for your business, seamless cascading, seamless power management, dual KVM-Serial control of the same device, automatic system configuration, maximum business value and ROI.

Minicom DX Matrix System Diagram

Minicom DX Matrix Advanced Integrated Management Options

The Minicom DX matrix system combines four major functions in one unified solution: KVM switching and control, serial control, power management, and user management.

The Minicom DX system unifies these four functions using AIM (Advanced Integrated Management), is an innovative embedded LINUX operating system that supplies advanced management functionality in a hardware-only solution.

AIM combines the management of all four major functions within a single intuitive, Windows-like interface, for truly unified administration of your server environment.

Minicom DX Matrix Components
The Minicom DX Matrix system consists of the following units:

Minicom DX Matrix Central Manager unit

Minicom DX Matrix 4x32Minicom DX Matrix 4x32

Minicom DX 432 (4-Users, 32-Ports)

Minicom DX Matrix 8x32Minicom DX Matrix 8x32

Minicom DX 832 (8-Users, 32-Ports)


Minicom DX Matrix User Station

Minicom DX Matrix UserMinicom DX Matrix User - rear
Minicom DX Matrix User (2:1)

Minicom Server Interface Modules

Minicom X-RICC PS/2

Minicom X-RICC PS/2

Minicom X-RICC USB
Minicom X-RICC USB

Minicom X-RICC SUN

Minicom X-RICC SUN

Minicom X-RICC RS232

Minicom X-RICC RS232

Minicom DX Matrix KVM Switch Features and Benefits

  • Non-blocking, out-of-band, BIOS level access Unified, one-stop local and remote control
  • Revolutionary embedded management functionality in a pure hardware solution Intuitive, windows-like GUI replacing the legacy OSD
  • State-of-the-art CAT5 all-the-way technology
  • Multi-level security blocks
  • Multi-user, multi-functional, multi-platform matrix solution Flexible local or remote access - you decide the right IP mix for your business
  • Seamless cascading Seamless power management
  • Dual KVM-Serial control of same device Automatic system configuration

Minicom DX Matrix KVM Downloads & Manuals

Minicom DX KVM Switch Matrix Specifications
Minicom DX KVM Matrix System
System CableCAT5, CAT6, CAT7
Resolution1600x1200 @75Hz
Mouse SupportPS/2, Wheel mouse, 5-button mouse, Microsoft intellimouse
Operating SystemsDOS, Windows (3x, 9x,ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 Server and later), Linux, UNIX, HP UX, QNX, SGI, FreeBSD, BeOS, Open VMS, Novell 3.12-6, Solaris, Java Desktop System
ManagementAIM (Advanced Integrated Management), RS-232 Control software
SecurityPassword, multiple-user profiles
User to server distance200m/660ft
Operating Temperature0?C to 40?C / 32?F to 104?F
Storage Temperature-40?C to 40?C/-40?F to 104?F
Warranty3 years
Minicom DX Matrix Units
 DX Central Unit DX User Unit
Computer Ports-32 RJ45
Users Port - 4/8 RJ45
Serial Ports - 2 X DB9
LAN - RJ45
System - RJ45
Local Console and CPU KVM + Serial
Video - HDD15
Keyboard/Mouse - MiniDin6
Serial - 2 X DB9
2XUSB (Future Application)
Rack Mountable


 43.2x27x4cm /  17x11x1.6" 21.6x27x4 / 8.5x11x1.6"
Power Consumption

100 - 250 VAC 50/60 Hz

Minicom DX Matrix Remote Units

System - RJ45

Video - HDD15 Keyboard/Mouse






Rack MountableYes
Server to DX Central Distance




 24x91x41mm /     0.94x3.58x1.61"

 24x91x41mm / 1.05x3.58x1.77"

Power Supply

From Keyboard

 From USB

Power Adapter

Minicom DX Matrix Ordering Information
Minicom DX Central UnitPart NumberOnline Pricing
DX 4320SU60002AKVM Switch online sales
DX 8320SU60003AKVM Switch online sales
Minicom DX User Unit  
DXU0SU60001AKVM Switch online sales

Minicom Remote Interface Cable

X RICC PS/20SU51059KVM Switch online sales
X RICC USB0SU51050KVM Switch online sales
X RICC RS2320SU51052AKVM Switch online sales
RICC PS/20SU51066KVM Switch online sales
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