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Visio and Excel have been useful tools for data center professionals, holding inventory lists, floor plans, and other essential information. There is a certain level of comfort associated with these familiar, ubiquitous tools, and they have served honorably for many years.

But as a data center becomes more complex, more power intensive, and more dynamic; the same professionals may find that spreadsheets fall short as enterprise planning tools. To optimize power, cooling, and real estate, the intricate data center system requires equally intricate, scalable management software.

42U sells and supports some of the premier data center management software platforms available today, including infrastructure, environmental and power-specific software packages.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

Change is inevitable. Infrastructure management is an asset to any continually changing data center enterprise.

For those relying on spreadsheets and Visio floor plans, infrastructure management software can make your operations decidedly more simple and efficient, saving time, effort, and money. With these solutions, you can take action with confidence and truly do more with less.

Top DCIM software Solutions

Server Management Software

Tired of remembering ten different usernames and passwords to access your server management products? Server Management software such as Avocent's DSView may provide the solution.

Server management software allows for secure centralized access and management of distributed IT assets with a single click. This greatly simplifies server management reducing costs and frustrations.

Top Server Management software Solutions

Environmental Monitoring Software

42U's selection of environmental measurement software includes real-time monitoring, providing unprecedented visibility into what's actually happening in the data center:

Real-time visibility takes the guesswork out of moves, adds, and changes. Data center managers are empowered to take corrective actions like changing temperature setpoints or shutting off excess air conditioners. The efficiency gains (and cost savings) are ongoing.

Top Data Center Monitoring Software

Power Management Software

Power is a critical, expensive resource. Power Management software allows data center professionals to optimize their power utilization.

Utilizing power more efficiently has a direct impact on your bottom line. Using it more effectively has a direct impact on availability. This software provides the best of both worlds.

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