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Eaton UPS - Eaton Power Xpert Architecture Power Management

The Eaton Power Xpert Architecture, web enabled power management solution, consists of hardware, software and communication elements which work together to bring diverse power components into a unified system that can be monitored and managed effectively. This power management solution not only communicates with Eaton Electrical products but also with non Eaton equipment, IT and other critical systems.

Power Xpert Architecture transforms your power system from an unmanaged liability into a strategic asset.

Power Xpert software
Power Xpert Server Core software helps you monitor, manage and model the critical components in your power system. A customizable software interface gives you key information at a glance, with centralized measurement and alarm information. Power Xpert Server Core software also offers add-on modules you can match to your specific needs. Add-on modules provide capabilities ranging from energy consumption analysis and cost allocation to virtual system layout and modeling.

Eaton Power Xpert Architecture

Power Xpert components
Power Xpert hardware components, such as gateways and meters, give you the ability to gather data from each piece of equipment in your power system. With Power Xpert Architecture, each component in your power system is connected to a computer network using an Ethernet communication protocol. Once connected, you can measure and monitor your equipment, regardless of its age or manufacturer. Power Xpert components help synchronize the clocks on your equipment to give you accurate, usable data for the entire power system. When an event like a lightning strike happens, you can track the effects in your power system with pinpoint accuracy.

Power Xpert Ethernet Switch - Ideal for extending Ethernet networks in harsh, industrial environments

Power Xpert Gateway - provides Web-enabled, real-time monitoring of electrical distribution and control equipment

Power Xpert Gateway Series 1000 Card - provides Web-enabled, real-time monitoring of three-phase Powerware Power Distribution Units and Powerware Remote Power Panels for power quality status and fast response to power-related events.

Power Xpert Meters - Measure, monitor, record and analyze power quality

Power Xpert Network Time Server - provide pinpoint accuracy to enable reconstruction of a series of events that led to a power outage or downtime

Power Xpert Architecture lets you integrate your power system on your own terms. This power management solution takes an open standards approach to equipment and software. No matter which brand of equipment you have installed, Power Xpert Architecture can help you connect it to the monitoring and management software you choose. You're not locked into a narrow choice of equipment or software. And if you're already using Eaton equipment, Power Xpert Architecture can help you get more from it.

Power Xpert Architecture helps you go beyond traditional power management systems by opening the door to communicating with the rest of your organization, because it is based on the Ethernet protocol that is the de facto standard for modern local area communications networks. Once your power system is linked to an Ethernet network via the Power Xpert Architecture, you can connect to applications like the building management system monitoring your HVAC equipment, or share information with your enterprise accounting system.


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