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KVM Upgrades for discontinued Cybex KVM products:
Cybex 4xp, Cybex xp4040, Cybex XP4000, Cybex AutoView, and Cybex SwitchView



Avocent XP4000 Series

The Avocent Cybex XP Series was discontinued after March 31, 2005.


the Cybex SwitchView Family of Products

Cybex SwitchView
Connect and Control up to 4 Computers with a Single Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse!
> details


Cybex AutoView KVM Solutions

Cybex AutoView
Control Multiple PCs with
just 1 keyboard, monitor
and mouse
> details


Cybex LongView solutions

Cybex LongView
Extend your keyboard, monitor, mouse, stereo speakers, microphone and COM serial port up to 500' > details


About Cybex Corporation

Apex & Cybex, two of the KVM industries leading manufacturers,  merged in 2000 to form the KVM powerhouse Avocent. The DS1800 Digital KVM switch is their first joint release under the name Avocent. In addition to the DS1800, Avocent is continuing to sell all of their existing Apex & Cybex KVM products lines.

Avocent is the leading worldwide supplier of equipment that helps data center operators manage their ever-expanding server farms. Operators are provided real-time access to any of their computers over the Internet from anywhere in the world, all without requiring any special hardware or software on those computers. Avocent was formed in the year 2000 by
the merger of leading industry innovators Apex Inc. and Cybex Computer Products Corporation. Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Avocent has locations in Redmond, Washington; Sunrise, Florida; Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; Shannon, Ireland; London, England; Steinhagen and Munich, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; and Singapore.

42U's Vision is to inspire corporate responsibility in energy efficiency and be a leader in providing technology and vendor agnostic information, suggestions, and solutions for making data centers more energy efficient.

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