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Server Room Cooling Solutions for Server Racks, Computer Rooms & Data Centers

If you read server room press and blogs, you've been inundated with stories of cloud moguls or (solvent) financial firms building their latest 100,000 ft2 facility.

Back on the ground, a short drive from Wall Street, thousands of server rooms, computer rooms and wiring closets drive SMB enterprises, local hospitals, and city governments-groups who face the same power and cooling crunch without the comfort of million dollar budgets.

Server Room Cooling Systems

42U's computer room cooling solution specialists have the product knowledge and application experience to optimize your server room environment:

Server Room Cooling Systems for Smaller Spaces

Comfort cooling (or building HVAC) lacks the precision and controls required for modern server room hardware. Yet, closets, computer rooms, and server rooms don't have the space to install traditional, bulky air conditioners. We can help you find a right-sized cooling solution, specifically engineered for smaller computer room spaces.

High Density Computer Room Cooling

Today, it's possible. Technologies normally marketed for enterprise data centers can now fit nicely into smaller spaces. Self-contained cooling units, for instance, function independently of the room. Once installed, users have the comfort of predictable cooling and plenty of headroom for future growth. 

A range of techniques and technologies can be used to increase density, 42U can help you determine the right combination of solutions that maximize your cooling capacity and your budget.     

The 42U Advantage

42U Sales Engineers conduct thorough pre-sales interviews so that we understand unique client issues, applications, environmental factors and actual usage. We use this information to design and recommend the best server room cooling solution for our clients.

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