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Liebert Cold Aisle Containment

Liebert Cold Aisle Containment

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Liebert Cold Aisle Containment
Liebert Cold Aisle Containment
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Liebert Cold Aisle Containment System

The Liebert Cold Aisle Containment system ensures that the cold air flowing though the raised floor is channeled through the cabinets.  As a result all installed servers are provided with consistent cold air over the entire height of the cabinet.

The Cold Aisle Containment principle essentially means a constant separation of cold zones and warm zones, and incorporates the following factors:

  • Raised floor sealing: Cable entries in the cabinets can be effectively sealed with Koldlok brush systems; perforated panels are only used in the cold zone
  • Cabinets sealing with trims and 19" blanking panels
  • Customized cold aisle containment using standard components - compatible with all manufacturer cabinets.

Conventional Data Center Example
Conventional Data Center Example

Cold aisle containment produces a consistent temperature over the entire height of the cold aisle. This significantly reduces the air speed intake, and the air temperature intake can be increased (20 - 25C).  This, of course, has advantages for both the operator and the environment (lower energy costs for driving fans in the CRAC
equipment, suitable air temperature intake for servers, more pleasant working conditions).

The higher intake air temperature also allows the inflow water temperature to be increased, which results in further energy savings. Plus, higher inflow temperatures provide more time for cooling through free cooling.

The Liebert Cold Aisle Containment Package features various products and services:

  • Knrr CoolFlex
  • Products for sealing the raised floor and rack
  • On-site measurements
  • Solution planning
  • Design and construction planning
  • On-site installation
  • Thermal assessment

Data Center with Liebert Cold Aisle Containment Installed
Data Center with Liebert Cold Aisle Containment Installed


This Cold Aisle Containment saves "tons" of energy costs, and therefore makes a massive contribution to environmental protection.  In conventional data centers, high volumes of cold air, which must be below 18C in places, are blown from the raised floor into the cold aisle. The reason for this is that the cold and warm air in the data center frequently mix (especially when a data center reaches its full capacity). Many data canter operators therefore increase the volume flow and reduce the intake air temperature, until the desired temperature is achieved in the cold aisle. This consumes huge amounts of energy. The result: at the bottom of the cold aisle there is a temperature of 16 - 20C; at the top there is a temperature of 22 - 30C. At a data center's full capacity temperatures above 30C can often be generated in the cold aisle with the recirculation of the warm is out of the warm aisle and into the cold aisle.

Is the Liebert Cold Aisle Containment the best solution for your containment needs?
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Liebert Cold Aisle Containment
Liebert Cold Aisle Containment

The Liebert Cold Aisle Containment System offers many benefits:

  • Increased cooling capacity to maximize the use of existing data centers
  • Life extension of the conventional data center by several years
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Higher Delta T and therefore more cooling power with thermal management  system airflow remaining constant
  • Predictable cooling capacity for each cold aisle; can be adjusted by modifying or replacing perforated floor plinths
  • Scalability with the aid of additional cooling (e.g. water cooling or cooling with  cooling agent)
  • Double doors and sliding doors with automatic door closers


  • Solution consulting, calculation, simulation
  • Easily upgradeable (regardless of existing server cabinet run)
  • Integration into new building (especially with regard to the cooling requirements of very varied data centers
  • Temperature and volume flow measurement, and on-site measurements
  • Installation



Data Center Containment Featured Data Center Solution - Save Big with Aisle Containment!
The Right Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle Containment strategy is an economical way to maximize airflow dynamics, increase data center efficiency, and save costs on your utility bill.


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