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Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

Time tested strategies to maximize cooling efficiency

In Row Precision Cooling

Flexible & scalable cooling solutions optimized for
your Data Center

Data Center Monitoring

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
Minimize risk of system failure and downtime.

Server Management Solutions

Secure BIOS-level remote access to servers and other network devices.
Ideal for servers in a lab, campus, server room or data center.

Power Distribution

Best-in-class power distribution for your critical applications

Learn why 55,000 client companies have turned to 42U for their
data center solutions & server management needs.

At 42U, we know data centers. With over 20 years of providing cooling, power, monitoring, KVM Over IP and server management solutions to the data center, we are confident that our solutions will help you manage more effectively. Your peace of mind is our deliverable.

Trusted Technical Expertise

42U's team of experts understand not only facilities management but the special requirements of mission critical facilities. Since 1995, we've helped many Fortune 500 Companies improve their server management and optimize their data center cooling and power infrastructure.

Modular Containment

Rittal LCP - Liquid Cooling Package

Developed to help data center managers achieve similar results to traditional containment (i.e. improved inlet temperatures), without all the complexities of measuring, designing, and installing. The unique design of the AisleLok modular aisle containment system attaches to the racks magnetically, creating a truly tool-less design that can be moved, reconfigured and reused as many times as needed. more>>>

In Row Cooling

Rittal LCP - Liquid Cooling Package

In-Row cooling offers capacity and efficiency gains by moving the air conditioner from the perimeter of the room closer to actual load. Installed on the floor or suspended from overhead, in-row cooling units provide local, focused cooling at the rows of server cabinets which fill the data center.

This "Precision Cooling" is what makes in-row units an ideal solution for optimizing your server cooling strategies. more>>>

Data Center Management

Server Management Solutions for centralized access

A single interface for device management across your enterprise gives you the ability to respond more quickly to critical outages and provides a broader view of the overall health of your IT infrastructure. Centralized datacenter management software and hardware allow you to easily access and control servers throughout your facility as well as equipment located at remote sites.

Manage and troubleshoot servers, serial devices, storage, and other equipment locally or remotely, through a single administrative interface. more>>>

Rack PDUs

Intelegent PDUs for Server Racks

Rackmount PDUs are offered in many sizes and configurations depending on voltage, current, number and type of connections, as well as remote access and monitoring functionality.

42U offers expert, unbiased advice in configuring a custom rack PDU solution to meet your power management needs. more>>>

Data Center Monitoring

Thermal Mapping for Data Center Monitoring

With potential improvements to both availability and efficiency, the ROI on monitoring systems can be quite significant.

Intuitive, impactful tools that go beyond simple Visio documents and Excel spreadsheets, provide data centers the visibility and operational intelligence to continually optimize their facilities. more>>>

Multi-vendor Representation

Being one of the most knowledgeable in the industry across top brands, we leverage our technical expertise to evaluate each project and provide the best solution for your application.  In addition, our strong vendor partnerships enable you to enjoy the deepest discounts possible.  Along with sister companies KVM Switches Online and Server Racks Online, 42U has been providing IT professionals trusted, vendor agnostic advice for nearly 20 years.


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